Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wow. Thats deep.

So, recently a friend asked the question “What do you think about when you are alone in your head”? You know, like when you are driving to work or standing in line at the bank or whatever. She was curious as to what other people thought about when they weren’t thinking of anything at all. My answer to the question was “I don’t know… Stuff”


Then, for a brief moment on my commute to work this morning, I was aware of my inner thoughts. Stuff that usually just flows in and out stuck around just long enough for me to realize what I was thinking and for the reality to sink in that I just might be a nutjob. Seriously folks, try to pay attention to the random thoughts that go through your head on any given day. There is some pretty weird shit going on in there.


So. What was it you ask? What was I thinking about when I suddenly became aware of my thoughts? Well… I was seriously pondering who I would rather be. Oprah Winfrey or Jane Jetson.


Yes. Really.


It’s not a simple question though. There are a lot of pros and cons to be weighed here. Oprah is Oprah. The queen of all Media. Possibly the most powerful woman on the planet. But even Oprah doesn’t have Rosie the Robot Maid, right? And even though she has more money than she can give away on a years worth of those shows where she is just giving shit away (sorry, I work during the day, I don’t actually watch Oprah), and she can sponsor like 100,000 more kids in Africa for 35 cents a day and still not put a dent in the size of her bank account, Oprah goes home at night to her dogs. I don’t know if that Steadman fellow lives with her or not. But regardless, I’m sure the Winfrey Mansion is nothing like the loving Jetson home. I can just imagine what a day in the life of Jane Jetson is like. We all know that George drops the kids off at school first, and then Jane goes to the mall (with the entire contents of Georges wallet!!) and George just smiles and thinks to himself “That Jane!!” and he is off to another day at Spacely Sprockets. Jane’s first stop at the mall would be to the space age equivalent of Starbucks for a big old non-fat mocha latte. Of course, Jane could get the full fat version because she is forever drawn to be a perfect size two and will neither age nor gain weight. Jane shops leisurely for most of the day, gets her hair done and has a pedicure (ya know, ‘cause its Tuesday). Around lunchtime, she dials up Rosie her robot maid on her little TV transmitter remote watch and tells her that she will be home by noon. “I will have a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup with a nice Caesar salad for lunch. Then I want you to draw me a bath and turn down my bed for a nap.”  By the time she hops in her flying car and arrives home, Rosie has all the preparations made. Ahhh. Sounds nice huh? Now, to be fair, Oprah can have most of these things too. Im sure one phone call to her personal assistant will get her what ever it is her heart desires, but a personal assistant has nothing on a robot maid. I don’t think you have to worry about any jewelry going missing around your robot maid. I don’t think any disgruntled robot maids are gonna sell stories or pictures to the media for their own personal gain. Oprah does have power, but along with that power comes the burden of fame. And it’s a pretty heavy burden. One that I don’t think I would want to bear. So for as much as I love Oprah, I am giving my nod to Jane. Robot maids pretty much trump anything.


So, I’m guessing you are feeling a little better about yourself after having read this, huh? Yea, ‘cause I’m sure your thoughts are always all deep and philosophical right?





Friday, January 18, 2008

Jumping back in.

I seem to have lost my words. I don’t know how or where but they left me. I cannot tell you how many times I have started writing something only to delete it in disgust. I noticed that my blog has been getting a lot of hits and I am sure you are all wondering where I’ve been. I am alive, and doing quite well actually. I just don’t seem to be able to write anymore. I hope this isn’t a permanent condition. I am also hoping that just by typing this out and posting something…anything it will kick start my dormant creativity.

I miss writing. Not only did I love writing and posting here, but I used to journal (with a real pen!! Imagine that.) almost daily. And now? Nothing! And I am none too happy about it.

So I’m hitting post in the hopes that I will be back soon.