Monday, May 12, 2008

Yes, Jackass, it IS your fault.

I get this phone call from my ex-husband and he is singing the blues about domestic relations being all over him for child support. He is telling me that when he works 40 hrs a week after his wages are garnished his paycheck is only $130.


Boo frikkin hoo.


I am perfectly amazed that this man cannot grasp the understanding that it is entirely his fault that he makes $9 an hour at 38 years old. Seriously. In his fucked up head his circumstances are the result of shitty luck and life never giving him a break. Did his mother fuck him up good, or what?? Never once did it occur to him that having an employment history that consists of a string of zero skill, entry level, barely above minimum wage jobs could possibly be a factor. He probably averages 4 or 5 different jobs every year. Or could it possibly be his lengthy rap sheet that includes all sorts of drug offenses and drunken disorderly and DUI arrests that is hindering is employment options?


Hmm? I suppose the concept of staying at a job long enough to advance and working hard to get ahead is just completely foreign to him. No comprende.


And he also believes that I somehow achieved my success through “luck”. Of course! That must be it! Luck! It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I have remained steadily employed since our divorce. And that when I am at work I bust my ass and sometimes even willingly eat shit by the spoonful and pretend to like it because my boss is the one feeding it to me. It has nothing to do with the overtime and the Saturday hours. Nothing at all to do with bringing work home with me when I have an important deadline, or showing up every single day on time and prepared. Nope. It was all just a lucky break. Well he should be thankful that I am so lucky. Because this luck of mine has kept his children fed, clothed, housed, and insured for the past 6 years without ANY help from him. Good thing I am so lucky huh??